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Solid State Relay Fotek SSR-10.

Solid state relay ( SSR ), belongs to electronic contactless switch.The main characteristics are:small control signal input, directly driving high current load. It is widely used,for example, used together with temperature control instrument, can quickly control the electric heaters.

Advantages:long service life,contactless,no spark,no noise,no electromagnetic interference,fast switching speed,strong anti-interference capability,reliable work, and has the advantages of small volume, vibration resistance, explosion prevention, corrosion prevention, compatible with such integrated circuit as TTL, DTL, HTL and so on. .

The main insufficiency is: output contact is not so much as contactor,only one group; in addition,due to pressure, temperature rises quickly if the load is above 5A.So you must pay attention to heat dissipation.You can also use special solid state heat sink.

Attention of first use:this product can only control the resistive electrical appliances, like a series of electrical heating appliances as electric wire, electric heating pipe,and there must leave 3/2 margin of the selection current size,pay attention to heat dissipation when current is above 5A!

Technical parameter:

Input voltage:3-32VDC
Input current:DC3-10mA
Output voltage:24-380VAC
Output voltage:10A(leave 3/2 gap current,because when starting resistance product,the current is 2.5 times the rated current.
State voltage drop: 1.5V
State current leakage: 2mA
On-off time: 10ms
Off-state current leakage: 2mA
Medium voltage resistance:1000VAC
Insolation resistance:1000M/500VDC
Environment temperature:-30 to 75 ºC 
Install method:bolting down
Working indicator:LED


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